Thursday, July 5, 2007

Yuri’s Yard DotA Tournament

Asian WCG is around the corner & the gaming fever is high in Chennai. Making use of the prevailing atmosphere, a lot of tournaments are currently being held here. One note-worthy tournament among the waves of tournaments is Yuri’s Yard DotA Tournament. When Pro clans are practicing to the full, Yuri’s Yard thought of easing the situation with a light-hearted event. And thus, began the 2 day event which was more about fun & that too with players who knew how to enjoy themselves.

That’s right, fun.. Where else can you witness a Tidehunter, Centaur & Jakiro chasing a poor Fiend around the tower! where else will you take Magnus as your first pick! where else will a game last for nearly 2 hours with almost all the towers on both sides destroyed! You might wonder what on earth is going on, but, in fact we were having a lot of fun laughing our hearts out. What else can you do, other than laugh, when the ‘Double Damage’ rune that you’ve just picked up gets purged by a neutral creep?!!

It was a pure fun only event with decent cash prizes for the taking. 0mF or more famously known as SoD & Roar was asked to moderate the event & thus were not able to participate in it. Necron (Kashif) & Demigod (Abhinav) were made the moderators & Medival (Chang) helped out too.

The 3 top teams of the tournament were Gdn, Agents & X (old BIRRDS). Gdn reached the finals undefeated. X lost an earlier round against Gdn & faced Agents in the Semi-Finals in a do or die battle. After a close competition between the two teams, Agents managed to pull it off & won their entry ticket to the finals.

The Finals got people to the edge of their seats when the Agents with their early push strat pushed the bottom tower & the Fiend of Gdn wasn’t available near the tower to defend it. Thus, Agents were able to destroy the base tower. Now, as they have the upper hand, they pushed the mid tower now. And Sk (Gdn) casted his ulti but didn’t have mana to use the dagger thanks to Pugna’s ward. Thus, Gdn was barely able to defend the tower. But after this, nothing went well for the Agents as Spectre of Gdn finished Rad. From there, the game changed direction & Gdn won the finals along with Rs.3,500 cash prize. Agents received Rs.1500 for Second Place.