Friday, February 25, 2011

Rocky Balboa

The name Rocky Balboa doesn't need an introduction.  The first thing that would come to our mind when we hear that name is the awesome tune 'Gonna fly now'.  He was one of those characters from our childhood that we simply admired.  The latest Rocky movie was released in 2006 and I just watched it again last night.  Weirdly enough, my bro didn't seem that impressed by the movie and my colleague even called it 'too artificial'.  I can't really blame em because the movie wasn't exactly brilliant.

On the other hand, the point that the movie tried to make was just inspiring.  The whole movie can be summed up in one short speech.

I can't possibly explain it in a better way.  The truth in that speech hit me hard.  We can give a thousand reasons as to how someone else's action or inaction affected us.  But in the end, whatever happened was because of us more than anyone else.  Our life is, what it is today, because of us.  No use in blaming anyone else.  Somewhere along the way, WE gave up.

Just listen to this speech every morning and try to relate it to what happened in your life the day before.  You might actually experience a profound change in your attitude and eventually your decisions in life.