Monday, December 15, 2008

The Trip of a Life-Time!

I was on a three day road-trip to Yercaud (hill), which is around 380kms. from Chennai if you take the shortest route. Road-trip meaning, we travelled the distance in our bikes. I’ve got a Bajaj CT100 which was obviously the least powerful bike in the trip. We weren’t even sure whether it would make it. The trip was everything we wanted it to be & more. We got together at 8 in the morning on Friday and started our journey. We had a wonderful time along the highway for around 200 kilometers. Then, we decided to take a detour through a village. It wasn’t exactly planned, but it was the best decision we could’ve taken. The ride through villages and their forgotten roads are something that I won’t forget anytime soon.

We did have some hiccups early on. One of the bikes got punctured, twice, thus wasting more than an hour and a half. But, without these troubles along the way, the trip wouldn’t have been complete. We finally reached the base of the mountain after sunset. Going uphill at night wasn’t something that we were planning to do, but the sceneries along the way tempted us to stop time and again, which combined with the puncture, made us late. But forget the lights, going uphill on a 100cc bike with a pillion rider and some luggage is no easy task, especially in that freezing weather. We did make it as enjoyable as we can and reached the hotel for dinner.
Do you remember how the time flies when you are having fun? Well, we still don’t understand how the next day ended so fast. We were just cruising along the hilly road, taking photos, trekking some uncharted paths, riding the bike to the peaks and just lying down on the grass. It seemed as if the day ended quicker than the time it took to snap our fingers. It was Sunday already and none of us were ready to return, but we had to. For me, the trip down hill was the best time I ever had on a bike so far, in my life. The curves, the hairpin bends, the climate, the view, it was all too much. It was as if my racing games came to life & I was inside it, living my dream. The whole trip was worth it just for this ride down the hill.

Finally, we hit the highways at full speed having gained confidence in our bikes. No detours, no shortcuts and no muddy paths. It was just us, the bikes and the highway. We pushed our rides to the limit (of course in my case, the limit was very close to our average speed in the trip). We were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the roads and the amazing scenery on both sides of the road. We really didn’t expect such a route to even exist in India. Of course, we’ve travelled in the route many times in a bus, but only when you get on a bike, do you see the full splendor of the roads, the horizon and the hills on both sides.

Finally, we reached home after a few (route) confusions in the outer edge of Chennai. In the end, I’m happy that I took my CT100 for the ride. Yes, it was rubbish up the hill and it had a snail’s pace on the highway. Though it struggled a lot and I punished it as much as I can, it still clung to life. Not once did it break down or jam up. It was as if it had a small heart inside it and that heart never stopped beating. We did prove something in this trip. If you are truly interested in something, you can do it, no matter what the situation is. If I and my CT100 weren’t the best example, then my friend who brought his bike for the long ride when he didn’t even have a license is definitely something to look up to and learn from. We aren’t mad bikers; me for example, haven’t even been on a bike with more than a 150cc engine, but we were truly interested in something and we were able to have a ‘once in a life-time’ adventure. So, to the nah-sayers, ‘Will Is Everything’.