Monday, September 6, 2010

Yippee Yee Ha!

In the past two days, I had to learn 'Regular Expressions', sending web request from php, parsing XML data and a couple of other technical stuff.  If you didn't understand any of that, well, neither did I two days back.  But I had to learn them to code a new feature for my website.  You see, its soon going to be one year since the start of my website.  I was never really sure whether the site would survive this long but it has.  To mark the occasion, I'm gonna introduce a new Videos Section in the site.

To top that off, we also have a contest to introduce the new feature.  Thanks to Ravi for his contribution of two brand new Kinzu mice.  Since he had sent me the mice already, I had to sit and code the feature.  Thanks for the motivation Ravi.  That aside, it just feels good to learn so much in two days & do a lot of coding which I had no idea about just a day back.  It Feels Great!!

On the negative side, I'm yet to find a person who can help me with the site.  Yet another gamer offered his help today.  But only time will tell how helpful he'll be.  I struggle for hours sometimes even days to finish some work.  Once I finally get the work done and I feel like jumping around in my chair, I suddenly feel sad because I've got no one to even tell this to.  Oh well, you can't have everything!

Now you know why I made this post.  I had to tell it to someone.. :P  Aatha!  Naan passaagitten!!!