Friday, January 18, 2013

Fame shouldn't be used to undervalue Skill

An athlete uses drugs (which are  clearly illegal) to enhance his performance over other hard working athletes. He has a remarkably successful career & thus inspires a whole band of athletes to follow suite (cheat). After years of fame, fortune & ruining the sport, the truth is revealed & he admits it. Now, he gets invited to a show that's famous around the world & probably got paid a good sum for it as well. Then, some people go to the extent of praising him for admitting the truth. Sorry but am I the only one who feels that something is wrong with this story? Ok, let me try another.

Some people leave their families behind & travel to cities to join the film industry. Some take up any role that they can find so that they'll gain some experience. Some go to film schools & art colleges to improve their skills. Suddenly, a rich guy shows up, uses his money to take a movie & acts in it even though he has no skill. Its clear to everyone that he has no skill & yet, they praise him for whatever reason that's beyond my comprehension. Is it just me or has fame become an acceptable excuse for lack of skills?

We sometimes forget that skill is not something that develops naturally when we are in the womb. Skill comes from not hours, but years of hard work. Skills are developed through sweat & sometimes blood. Even if its not physically challenging, think about the mental ability needed to practise something again & again & again till you perfect it. People work hard to not just be good but to become the best in whatever it is that they do. They dedicate their whole life to developing their skills. Yet, someone comes along & makes a mockery of the whole thing & we accept it. By accepting it, we set a bad example for others to follow.