Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rylai's beauty is a Deception!

Crystal Maiden (Rylai) became the new favourite among the top international clans when her ranged aura was turned into a global aura. It passively adds 3 mana regeneration at level 4 to all allies. This obviously gives a lot of advantage to the team, but still, it is hard to play Rylai. She is too slow, fragile & she can't even opt for stats early game since she has to go with the aura. Apart from that, she also has a channeling ulti. So, I used to hesitate in picking Rylai for serious matches, till now.

I just saw the replay of a ESL match between DTS & SK. The famous SK.Loda weirdly played support this time & his hero of choice was Rylai. I wanted to know whether Rylai was even playable and so, I saw the whole replay in Rylai's perspective. Damn! how wrong was I!! Yes, she is weak & slow, but if you manage to keep a distance from the fight, she can do everything from owning the lane to ganking to nuking the enemies in team battles.

All you need to do is get a bunch of stunners. Loda's lanemate was DK in mid and his allies were Puck, Crixalis and Zeus. Since he had a stunner with him & was facing a solo hero, he was able to own that lane. He quickly got a bottle & picked up every single rune. Then, he got boots & his ganks were that easy. He even took her ulti at level 6 & used it to kill. After bracers & Ogre Axe, he went for Dagger. When he finished BKB, it was GG!

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