Friday, March 13, 2009

Loda joins MYM

Sometime back, DotA team Rush3D was disbanded. Now, it is the turn of SK-Gaming’s DotA team. It is probably the recession or something, but why the DotA teams when their CS teams are still there! That is a discussion for another time though, coz we have more news to share. Since SK is no more, what happens to their top-class players? I don’t know about the entire team, but their captain Loda is heading to MYM. That’s right, MYM isn’t looking for a leader but they are looking for someone to tilt the scales in their favour against KS.Int. Can Loda be the change they were looking for?

Maelk has superbly explained why they took in Loda. Here is what he had to say “Recently our western female fanbase has decreased due to the departure of Fear. Needless to say, Merlini draws alot of attention from the girls, but mostly Asians. So we have been desperately looking for someone to fill the gap and get us groupies when we're at events. We tried it once before, but back then Loda was ten times as immature as he is now, so as long as there is an ignore-function on Ventrilo and he can have a lane of his own ingame, we'll make it work. Everyone knows how obnoxious he is, and he isn't really that good at DotA either, but he increases our fanbase by 1500% which we simply can't say no to! Good luck Loda, may I bench every game you play in!”

Now that, is how a gaming team should explain things, haha! To find more, check out their site


  1. He came, and MYM disbanded.. and are on a losing spree. lol

  2. Yep.. Then again, Merlini didn't play in those matches for Kingdom (the new name of the players from MYM). Besides, only the sponsor (along with the brand) is out, the team is still there & will soon join some other sponsor.


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