Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Site!

It has obviously been more than a month since my last post. This is not because the past month was mundane, actually, if my daily life was boring, I would be blogging more actively. I didn't blog because I was taking care of another website. Its not actually an excuse but just a reason. The website is Bharath aka scrib and Praveen aka Spk had this idea to create a website and to start organizing gaming events when I was working in Hyderabad. When I returned from Hyderabad, I was under the impression that I would be joining TCS soon and thus decided to spend most of my time in Zion.

After a week or so, I realized that TCS isn't going to call me anytime soon. Thus, I needed something else to do. I had lots of time in my hands and Praveen was eager to start a website and try our hand at creating a home for the competitive gamers in India. Since this was something that was already in my wish-list, the decision to join him was easy for me to take. Just when we bought some web-space and the domain, Bharath joined Amazon and thus, he couldn't spend much time with us.

Me & Praveen went ahead with the works on the site. Praveen was neither the coding type of guy nor was he interested in designing. Thus, I ended up doing most of the design and coding with some help from friends and relatives. This is basically how our site was born. Some people wondered why I created this site. Well, I don't have any quantifiable reason, I just did it because it was fun & it still is. I'll continue to work on this site, as long as it remains fun. I don't know where we are headed but right now, I'm enjoying it. It is just a month since we started the site and it is already receiving around 200 unique visits per day..

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