Saturday, April 24, 2010

Is it just me or is everyone really dumb?

  Is it wrong to think that I am smarter than everyone else?  It probably is, but what if I'm able to correctly predict the consequences of the bad decisions that others are making?  Does it give me rights to force or criticize their decision?  Again, probably not.  What if their wrong decision affects me and my dream?  Now that, is something to think about, isn't it?

  Ethics is probably the hardest topic to discuss and arrive at an acceptable answer.  So, let me not get into it.  But unfortunately, I think I still need some help.  Now, let me explain the situation.  I believe that I have finally started to understand the game of DotA.  Yes, its another post about my stupid gaming life, but bare with me on this one, because I need some help.  As I was saying, I believe my DotA skills have improved to the extent that I'm able to take proper in-game decisions.

  I had to struggle a lot to gain this particular skill and I'm not ready to take it lightly, at least not yet.  DotA being a team game, there are four others in my team who play their roles and also help in the decision making process.  But when their action doesn't follow my decision, I get extremely upset.  I believe that I'm able to see more than what others do and I'm able to guess the outcome of most situations.  But when someone doesn't follow what I say and end up in ruins, I feel that they are just being stupid.

  I'm unable to control myself in these situations.  I'm not expecting anyone to accept that I'm smarter.  I just expect them follow what I say.  How do you tell a stupid that he is stupid?  You obviously can't.  All you can do is tell them what to do.  That is exactly what I'm trying to do.  Now, I have no idea why I'm posting this in my blog but I have.  So, tell me, what do you think I should do?  Should I go easy on them and let them make a fool of themselves?  Or do I take the lead and keep shouting at them?  Its kinda hard for me to take the lead and not get emotional.  Or should I again work hard to try to change myself?  Why do I always feel like a one-man army in everything that I do!!


  1. ha-ha! well, to begin with, i was not there yesterday. so i dont know who were in your team. but u trying it in the game, try it else where, u will be surprised that there are people who are ready to follow. :) people are dumb and with people, i mean we are also one among them. the timing and situation we are in also counts :) old school folks will be term if we try to prove we are smart :P! subtleness is needed in every decision we try to take/make :)

  2. Hm.. That is the second comment I have received suggesting that I go easy on it. Guess its worth a shot then.. Take it Eazy, it is..


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