Friday, July 22, 2011

The movie that you wouldn't wanna miss!

Some movies are a good timepass; some are just not worth watching; some movies are so thrilling that they make you forget where you are but only a few movies keep you grounded in reality while stealing your heart away.  Bala is particularly good at creating such movies but his movies are always tainted with sadness.  I remember reading in my school text book that songs that express sadness will always be the most melodious ones.  That's the rule that Bala follows..

Deiva Thirumagal doesn't really follow Bala's footsteps.  Yet, it somehow captures the magic that only Bala and a few other directors have brought on screen.  It even goes one step further by not framing anyone as good or bad.  The old days of Ajith, Vijay & Rajini where the do-gooder fights against the main crime boss are over.  The tamil industry is moving towards a more sophisticated approach to film making.  Movies like Naadodigal, Aaranya Kaandam are taking us into a new era where the script is the hero and the screenplay is the star.  And Deiva Thirumagal is the best example thus far.

We are well aware of Vikram's acting skills.  But acting can only take a movie a short distance without the proper script.  A movie like Anniyan (though I enjoyed it), doesn't really utilize the actor's ability.  Deiva Thirumagal pays homage to the actor's skills by fully utilizing it to immerse us into the story.  Vikram deserves a movie like this and the movie deserves an actor like Vikram.  There were a few scenes where the story was weak but as Bala said, its not the story, its the character that's more important.  This isn't really a perfect movie but art doesn't need to be perfect.  It just needs to capture your imagination and this movie captures more than that.

The movie doesn't answer any questions; it doesn't say whoz right and whos wrong.  But it makes you feel human and that.... is the most important character a movie should have.  Hats off to the crew behind Deiva Thirumagal!  Anyone and everyone should watch this movie.  Vijay is a director that I'm gonna keep my eyes on.

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  1. Nicely scripted deepak. I just love this movie, and that baby girl: Sara.


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