Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rant of the Day!

I'm warning you straight away that this post is a rant.  So, if you are in a good mood, stop reading right now so that I don't spoil it.  For those who are still reading, well, lets continue..  I'm sure you've faced this situation too => you are in a good mood and looking forward to the rest of your day but suddenly someone does something that just puts you off.  All of a sudden you just wish that the day comes to an end soon so that you can begin afresh tomorrow.  Well, that's exactly how I felt and to get over it, I decided to write this post.

I strongly believe that feelings spread; from one person to another, from one person to an entire group; its just contagious.  Say for example, there are three of you sitting together but minding your own business.  A fourth guy comes along and is in a grumpy mood.  Now, if you three were already in a fun mood, then, his grumpiness won't affect the other three too much.  On the contrary, he/she might get cheered up thanks to you guys.  But if the mood is already mundane or just normal, then the grumpiness starts spreading.  This is why I always try to hide my bad mood when in company of others.  But some people, just don't give a damn..

Some people just complain for everything.  This is like this, that's like that, oh why me, why is everyone like this, bla bla..  But most of all, I get really annoyed when people complain about helping someone.  I don't care if you help others or not, but don't complain about it if you do.  If you don't wanna help, just tell them so & leave it at that.  Its pointless to decide to help someone and then complain about it.

I ain't Mahatma Gandhi; I'm just a selfish little human being like most people.  But even my tiny brain/conscience understands that we help others to feel good.  When we help others, we get a sense of satisfaction, a good feeling and at the same time, we have improved someone else's life.  But if you are going to complain about it, then you aren't going to feel good.  And to make it worse, you'll probably spoil the mood of someone else who happens to hear you complain.  And to make it even worse, the next time you have an argument with the person you helped, this feeling will come to your mind and you will get even more angry.

This just seems counter-intuitive to me.  My point is simple, don't force yourself to do something and then complain about it.  Of course, we all do things that we don't really want to, like for example, go to work.  But there is a difference between accepting our decision and complaining about it.  Learn to accept it; if you can't, then don't do it.

P.S.  To my friends, this is not directed against any of you; the person I'm ranting about will never, ever, read my blog..  :D  Ah!!  It feels good to let it all out!


Feel free to speak your mind..