Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Its all a GAME

There is something about the celluloid heroes that I really hate.  They always do the right thing; people around them always adore them; beautiful girls fall for them at first sight; they never have a single bad thought in their head.  I mean, come on!  There was never such a person on earth and there will never be one till the end of time.  Every man has his vices.  Every great person that you admire will have his share of negative thoughts/deeds or at least would've had one which turned him into the great person that you now admire.

Thankfully though, many creators and directors understand this (much better than I do).  Its the reason for some amazing movies like Watchmen and The Exam where there is no real hero.  And better yet, television series executives have also picked up on this, producing outstanding series like House M D and Game of Thrones.  This conveniently brings me to my next point that both these series have resumed this April.  Game of Thrones in particular is just into its second series.

Game of Thrones is a complex story involving a huge list of characters who are all after one thing, the Throne of the Seven Kingdoms.  Some are more worthy of the throne than others and some are better at playing the game than others.  There is no, one good guy or one bad guy.  Some characters are more wise than others but they have their own pitfalls.  Some characters are rude and are cowards but there is more truth to their words than what most people understand.

There is no one person whom you can really root for but there are a number of characters that you will love to see more.  Unlike me, you may support different characters, or support the same characters for different reasons and THAT, is the best part of a story like this.  You can choose your own heroes and bad guys based on your own perceptions and you won't be more wrong than the other person.  Its much more closer to reality and much more exciting!

If you feel that you understand what I'm trying to say, then you should check this series out.  Though, I wouldn't suggest it for family viewing or for people who don't like serious/harsh stories.


  1. Let me try it :) and this idea hit me when i saw dark knight the first time

  2. Yep, I too feel that in many ways, The Dark Knight successfully started this trend of 'turning someone other than the hero into the main character' in blockbuster movies. Games of Thrones seems to have taken it one-step further. There is no real main character; there is but only a story with a lot of characters for you to fall in love with!


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