Sunday, August 11, 2013

Introducing my latest spare-time effort

Since my college days, one my favourite hobbies has been to work on websites.  I started by creating logo and ad banners for an Indian gaming start-up called v-street.  Then I moved into content-creation and gaming event coverage since I was into e-Sports.  After college, I joined another start-up called golive gaming solutions in Hyderabad where I was introduced to flash-game development.

Just before joining TCS, I started a website of my own with two other friends, Bharath and Praveen.  The site was a news portal for people interested in Indian eSports.  The site was built from scratch, meaning, no CMS or blog engine was used.  I also had to post at least 3 articles per week and I did so, month after month.  It went on for more than a year and the site had a decent following in the Indian eSports community.  We even received an email from a famous international eSports team's manager encouraging us to continue our efforts.  Sadly though, we lost interest soon after.

Letting go of the website after spending more than an year on it, was very frustrating.  I didn't do any web development at home for an year after that.  A few months ago, I decided to get my head straight and start working on something again in my spare time.  Along came my cousin Sakthi and colleague Vigneshram to help with the coding.  The product of our work:

Its a website to play simple games against another human player.  Think of it as an electronic version of our chessboard.  Instead of playing on a board, we'll be playing from our mobiles and laptops.  To start off, I've created just one game, reversi.  Some of you might remember it as othello from the Nintendo video game days.

So, when you have a friend at home or available for chat over the net and you've run out of topics to chat about, just invite him/her to the link and play a game.  If you find it enjoyable, let me know as it'll encourage me to develop more games.

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