Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You See What I See?

If you had read my previous post, you might have wondered why I said it was part I. Well, for starters, no, the day didn't get any worse than that, though personally, I didn't get any better either. But, that is part I because that is only one side of the coin. Yes, it was indeed a day that I could've lived without but I did go through it. Instead of regretting it, I've learned to accept it. Accept in what sense you ask? Well, what else do you think could've happened that day if it hadn't gone the way it had? Would I have been any happier? Any better? Don't think that I'm getting all emotional or spiritual. Its actually, something much more complicated. I'm talking about Perception.

By no means was that day a great day in my life, I'll agree but the day wasn't a completely miserable. For example, it had been years since I last saw Annamalai & I wasn't sure whether I would ever see him again, but, there we were, walking alongside each other & chatting. I'm not a big fan of taking a walk, but there I was, walking in the heavy rain through the flooded streets while listening to music in my headphone. I didn't do these out of compulsion. I did it because I loved doing it & that is the truth. What I'm saying might not make much sense to you, but like Lester says in American Beauty, "it will, someday".

To me, everything in life is about perception. My buddy Bharath probably feels that I'm obsessed about perceptions because I always quote it as the reason for most of the things in life. It is perception that makes us who we are. We are all unique in our own ways simply because of our perceptions. It is how we see things, how we see the world around us. But the trick is to realize that ours isn't the only perception.

In simple terms, the concept of perception can be explained using the question 'Is the glass half empty or half full?' The answer to this depends on your perception of life. But yes, everyone knows that perceptions differ; why is it such a big deal, you ask? Well, simply because it plays such a big role in our daily life. Imagine that you are watching a movie with your friend. If half a glass of water can be perceived in two different ways, the number of ways in which the movie can be perceived is limitless. At the end, you think it was a superb movie & your friend thinks that it was a stupid movie. If you keep clinging to your perception, then you will end up saying that your friend has a poor taste in movies. But the fact is, he didn't see what you saw; he saw something completely different.

As dramatic as it may sound, that is the truth. Understanding this perception and accepting it is the secret to success as well as peace of mind. It is said that some people become great leaders because they are able to inspire others. The truth is probably that, they became leaders because they were able to project their perception to others in a way that others can also see it. Once you realize the power of perception, you also start to accept the actions of others which in turn gives you peace. If this entire post made no sense to you, then you probably read something completely different from what I intended to express.. :D

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