Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Sword!

As expected, the trip to Hyderabad was an experience which I won't forget anytime soon. The trip was not about winning but was about having fun together. We managed to do just that. Actually, forget Hyderabad; we had so much fun together on the train at night that we couldn't stop laughing for an hour. I'm sure our co-passengers weren't very fond of the noise we were making but we couldn't really help it!

The trip was awesome fun, the place was quite good, the climate was comfortable and the facilities were good enough. Though the bandh threatened to ruin it, it really couldn't stop us from having fun. Apart from all this, hanging out with players like Prasad aka Gizmo and Deb aka RiZr who are simply the best in the country, is simply superb. Ravi as usual was an awesome host. We came Third in DotA which ain't bad though our performance against the Runner-ups JnP was dismal to say the least.

The icing on the cake is definitely the prize. We were offered either Rs.800 cash or Rs.1000 worth mouse-pads and we opted for the mouse-pads. In our team, we call it Paai (tamil for mattress). Though we have been gamers for the past 5 years, we never really had much of the usual gaming gears like costly mouse, mouse-pads and headphones. Every time we go to a tourney somewhere and we see our opponent pulling out his Paai from his bag, we go "Ok, game over".. It is because, the gear represents not just professionalism but a stronger desire to win. It shows that they are more dedicated, they have the time & money to spend on gaming and they are better equipped. After seeing our opponents pull out their sword-like Paai for five long years, we have finally got a sword of our own. It is one huge Steelseries Qck+ mouse-pad.. Too bad that my gaming career is gonna come to an end very soon. Or so, I think..

Here is a link to the pictures we took in our trip - Picasa


  1. Even i'm inspired by your blog ^^. Wish i had time to do the same :D. GJ!

  2. Haha! We can always find time da. Its about finding the desire to do it..


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