Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Real God - Stromatolites!

We have all read stories in some religion or the other about how God created earth and the lifeforms in it. But as much as I would like to respect our religions for giving us hope, we know very well that there is a complex science behind the creation of all lifeforms. In fact, the real credit can be given to stromatolites. Its actually the simplest of all lifeforms, a bacteria.

We humans have inhabited this planet only for a few million years but the earth is almost five thousand million years old. Back then, earth had no life because the atmosphere didn't have oxygen. This is where the stromatolites came in. It is their magic that we read about in our Science books. They introduced the process of photosynthesis and thus gave oxygen to earth. The rest as they say, is history.

Our atmosphere is a complex phenomenon. It holds the history of our planet, it influences the present lifeforms in this planet and it can give a sneak peak into the future of this planet. Today, I got an opportunity to watch a BBC production called 'The Power of the Planet'. It is a 5 episode series explaining how our planet works. It doesn't just give you the information, but it gift-wraps this information in some amazing experiments and breath-taking visuals. This will give you a whole new perspective of our world. Take a small break from our immaterial lives and watch this amazing series.


  1. Interesting. I guess this must be in You tube somewhere, is it ?

  2. I guess YouTube will have the trailers of the series. But the whole series is 5 episode long with each episode taking around 45 minutes.


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