Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gonna Get an Avenger!

I received my first salary recently and I've found a way to put it to good use. Every time I get some money, I go out and buy parts for my computer because frankly, my system has been my world for long. This time though, I'm going to get myself a Bajaj Avenger 200cc bike. For long, I have loved riding bikes (even my 100cc CT100). So, it is high time that I get a proper bike and enjoy my long ride to the office.

When I told my friends about this decision, most of them suggested strongly against it. I can't blame them because our perspectives are completely different. Most people see bikes as a tool to get from Point A to Point B and that is pretty normal. For such people, any bike with a good mileage would do just fine. If the person is of my age group, then, speed gets added to the equation. Thus, they would look for a sporty bike which would get them from Point A to Point B in the shortest time possible.

For me though, its a bit more than that. In my eyes, a bike is like a pet, a living breathing playful friend. I would take the bike out for a ride for no apparent reason. To me, the destination doesn't matter, its the journey itself, that becomes the destination. Riding a bike is a joy in itself. To understand what I'm on about, check out my old post about our road-trip to Yercaud. After that trip, I really felt as if the CT100 had a little heart inside which never stopped beating no matter how hard I abused it.

A simple fast bike isn't what I'm looking for. I want a bike that I would enjoy riding. I don't want to sit in a racing angle and gun the throttle. I want to cruise the highway at high speeds without a care in the world. If none of the above made sense to you, then you are probably one of those who suggested against this bike. On the off chance that it did make sense to you, then you might understand why I chose Avenger, which is one of the best entry-level cruisers till date.. Thank you erodov for helping me with this decision..


  1. Marvellous write-up. You have clearly said why AVENGER. I too have the same intentions towards it but unfortunately, i couldn't own one even after 15 months :(
    All the very best to you dude :D
    I wish we cruise together on the E.C.R someday....

  2. Thank you.. Just let me know whenever you wanna ride..

  3. hey brother ......... remember me ..... Knight Rider frm Xfire ....... So Wen r u gonna buy this baby ......

  4. Hey.. Long time.. I have already got the bike. I have also posted a lot of pictures in my Picasa album. The link is at the bottom right of this page.


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