Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Bad

I didn't post for a long time now and if you go through my previous post, you'll probably figure out what happened.  Yes, I failed, miserably.  I wanted to do some work on the website daily and post it in my blog but I obviously didn't.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't work on my site.  Never mind that, this post isn't about my site.  This is in fact about an amazing article that I read today.

You know how everybody has got different versions of the same story?  When a bunch of people say Gandhi is the father of our nation, there is another gang claiming he ruined the country.  Everybody has got their own opinions about everything.  Its called perception and it has been intriguing me from my college years.  Perception is the way we see the world and though we see the same thing, trust me, we interpret it in a completely different way.

We live in this society without giving much thought about what the society forces us to do.  We have all felt like prisoners at times, trapped inside the giant walls that the society builds around us to blind us from thinking any other way.  Seeing beyond these walls is called free thinking.  If you think that was just some philosophical bull crap, then my friend, you are caught deep inside this prison.

Free thinking is questioning what is generally taken for granted.  This has been the difference between great men and ordinary man.  If you still don't get any of that, just go through this article.  Its one of the best articles I have come across in recent times.  The article is basically about failures.  Its about the attitude we should have towards our failures.  Its about learning to learn from your mistakes.

I see people spend at least half of their daily life online.  Internet is a treasure island and if you are gonna spend half your lifetime in here, then at least take a few moments to search for these treasures.  Reading a couple of articles might not change your whole life, but it will slowly change the way you see your life.  Please, do yourself a favor and read it.

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