Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Idea can Change the World!

Yipeee!!  Nolan managed to pull off his miracle yet again.  Inception is awesome.  For me though, nothing beats The Dark Knight, but still, Inception did impress me in its own way.  I'm not gonna talk about it just yet.  Sathyam Cinemas ruined the whole experience by including subtitles in the movie.  When I called their customer service about it, they said its in the hands of the distributor.

Fortunately though, thanks to my friend Ashwin, I found out that Devi Cinemas is not playing any subtitles.  So, I've booked four more tickets for the noon show this time.  I'll watch the movie again and then talk all about Nolan's magic.

About the site, I added a couple of more tournaments and I've mailed a couple of people asking for information and co-operation to cover their tournaments.  No updates from the new content writer Raj.  I didn't feel like working on more boring stored procedure based security fixes.  So, I went through my list of To-Dos for the site.  Nothing seemed that important except the videos section but Shiva anna is working on that. 

Therefore, I've decided to work on a system to track the number of users online.  The site seems rather static and so, adding this feature might help.  Besides, this is a platform which once laid can act as a basement for a lot of major updates to the way users are handled in the website.  The best thing about this is that I'm completely new to it and hopefully I'll enjoy the adventure..

For now though, looking forward to a day filled with Inception and DotA with Atl..

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