Monday, May 25, 2009

Icefrog bug Fixed

No, there is nothing in the DotA community called as Icefrog bug and he definitely didn’t fix it. But there is a small problem in the game that is more of a nuisance than a bug. Consider that you’ve just reached your base after a team battle. But the opponents are making a counter-attack and so, you hurry back to defend your tower. Your ultimate is still in cool-down but is going to be over soon. Your team is waiting for your ultimate to jump in. You don’t see any cool-down animation & so, you shout ‘Go go go’. You dagger in & when you click on the spell, it says ‘Spell is not ready yet’.

This is what we call in our café, the Icefrog bug simply because, it is not really a bug. It is just an issue with the design that hasn’t yet been addressed by Icefrog. Though this is not a big issue, it is kind of annoying at times. Fortunately, someone out there has heard our prayers and has come up with a solution. A member of the forum called ‘DotA-Forum’ has created a file which is simply a picture and once it is copied to our Warcraft folder, you’ll get something like this:

It is indeed very simple as all you have to do is pick a color and copy the file. You might have to change an option which is clearly explained in the thread there. This is the thread where you’ll find the file and the instructions. If you were like me, praying for something like this to come along, well, add a post there after your download to show him your appreciation.

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