Saturday, May 16, 2009


I’m in Chennai and it’s the middle of the summer. I don’t think I need to explain further about how hot it is over here right now. But it has been pretty cool in the evenings in the recent weeks. But nothing could have prepared me for the sudden rain that hit us last night. Rain in the middle of the summer is like moving from hell to heaven. As awesome as it was, there was something else that caught our attention when we were playing in Zion.

For every sound of thunder, there were more than 5 lightning, which wasn’t possible unless we had gone cuckoo. When we looked closer, we realized that it was the transformer at the end of the street that was spewing out sparks whenever there was a heavy gush of wind. You could say that it is a common site in Chennai, but that just shows how incompetent our Electricity Board is. Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, we took a video of the beautiful fireworks display.

The fireworks went on for a couple of minutes after which the power was shut down. There was no power in the area till late night. For a deeper understanding about our Electricity Board, check out my old post which I dedicated in their name.

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