Monday, July 27, 2009

Still writing notes..

Now that I have settled into the lifestyle of an office-goer, a lot has changed. Though my office is just like a friend's house, working as if I'm doing an assignment with my friend isn't giving results. Its no more a close set of friends with the same mindset & objectives. I believed that my four years in a competitive gaming team would have taught me about working in a team.

But I realize now that, as a gaming team, we never focused on set objectives. Our only objective was to do our best. But in an office, it is very different. Its not about doing our best. Its about getting the work done. For that, we need clear set of objectives, a process to reach that objective & finally, documentation of everything to make sure that everyone (including us) understands what is happening.

In an office, an idea in the mind is worth nothing when those working with you aren't aware of it or don't understand it. This makes more sense especially in a creative or managerial job. Since I'm in a managerial position currently, I'm beginning to understand not just the need for such documents but also the purpose that each document should serve. Never thought I would come to such an opinion, haha!

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