Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My B'Day!

I think it was my first ever B'Day away from home. Apart from that, yesterday was a superb day. Lots of 'firsts' on my B'Day. For the first time ever, I have rent a room along with my friends and we shifted to the room yesterday. I drove a car to & fro for work (yet another first). My friends here bought a custom made cake (so far cake-cutting has been restricted to college). And to top all this, I received my biggest ever sal, 10k.. :D Now that, is a day to remember.. Enjoy the pics..

Instead of B'Day bumps, they decided to embarrass me by making me wear that stupid hat. That is Ravi in the background.

Near the cherry it says 'Guitar Hero'.. O_o

Money, haha!

Finally, went to sleep in our new home..

Finally, a video of the cake cutting.. The one decorating me is Majid (Neo) and the venue is our office.. :p

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  1. lol u got owned in ur b'day ........ nice pics and vid bro .....


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