Sunday, March 7, 2010

Changes in the Design of my Site!

I spent the past week working on the design of my website because, it really was dreadful to look at considering that I had just added two major features (login & shoutbox) without working on the design. I didn't get much time to work on the design but then again, if had got enough time, I'm not sure whether I would've utilized it to the full.. :P I've to turn my attention towards coding now because there are some key features still missing in the site, like comments and user uploads. The coming week will be spent on that.

Now, let me explain a little about the designing process I had to go through. The site is in php, which means that the HTML codes (which your browser understands) will be created dynamically by the server from a bunch of programming codes. This means that I can't work on the design of the website because all the content is stored in the database and I can't see anything on the screen until I get the output from the server. The output from the server won't come into the design application, it will open only in a browser. Thus, it was hard to make minor changes and check the sizes etc.

This is where the famous Developer Tools of Google's Chrome browser really came in handy. They say that there was a lot of commotion about this tool when the browser was introduced. Now I see the reason behind such interest in their browser. The Developer Tool was able to clearly reveal every aspect of my final output from the server and I was even able to edit the CSS values from the browser itself. I also came to know how it supports HTML 5 features which even Firefox doesn't support. I wish Chrome had been released sooner. I'm almost addicted to Firefox now and so, can't move away from it.. :(

Anyway, I would like to thank my friends especially Kaushik, Sanjit and taconite who gave some useful feedback on the change in the design of the site. And thank you Chrome for making my life easier.. :D You guys are also welcomed to give some feedback.. :) The website to check out is

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