Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Special Something of a Team!

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a bunch of friends and a team? Friends are people who just wanna hang out, chill, relax, have fun and spend some quality time together. Time spent with a bunch of friends is something that is supposed to give you sweat memories. A team on the other hand, is a bunch of friends who are working towards a common goal. A team is usually on a mission; a dream. They are expected to do something together; they are expected to perform.

Making friends is easy; forming a team, is not. A former teammate of mine said a couple of days ago that, the problem with our (gaming) team was that we were having fun but we didn't realize it. Today, I have a different take on that. I got extremely upset today because a certain partner of mine didn't do his work properly. The thing that bothered me the most was that, when I explained it to him, his attitude was like "Yea, yea, I'll do it!". He didn't exactly say that but what comes out of a person's mouth is only 10% of what he says. Your voice, facial expressions, body language etc. communicate the message more than your words.

When I get upset, I usually turn to movies for some relaxation. I saw this movie about a team who struggle against difficult odds to come out on top. I suddenly realized something Its not how good you are or how much fun you are having together that determines the bondage of the team. Its the ability of every member of the team to impress and inspire the rest of the team. The kids in the movies and my team, had one thing in common. We were both formed when we got impressed by the skills of every individual. That is how most teams come together and that is exactly what keeps us together, I think.

The day you fail to impress your team, is the day you start losing that special something which your team had. You can impress your team with your dedication, with your special talent or with just your ability to do some work. When I do a lot of work and when I don't see a reciprocation from my teammate, the team starts to fall apart. I really feel that, this is the secret to keeping a team together. A team needn't be a five-member team, it can be just two. A team isn't formed just for games, it can be for work or passion. Do your part to woo your team, or sit on your ass and turn into a friend.


  1. my facebook comment

    Macha, Gyan of urs is on the tops :D.. but then the small margin between a team and friend is realised only when one of these fall apart. During the greater miseries, you realise the importance of the other. :)

  2. Haha! True.. That is why I wrote this post for those who are currently a part of a team; to help them keep their team together.. :D

    Its hard to believe but come to think of it, I was really impressed by your abilities and that is why we formed a team together.. :P


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