Thursday, July 15, 2010

Almost missed my mark!

When I reached home today, it was 8.15pm.  And to further complicate things my cousin needed the system for some time.  So, I barely had any time to work on the site.  I thought I was gonna fail my plan after just two days.  But luckily, Raj saved me.  He is a gamer who is interested in writing articles in my website and helping me out in general.  He mailed me one of his previous articles and I gave him some feedback.  That is the best I can do and so, I'm gonna count that as today's work for the site.. :D

By the way, I don't think I'll write either work on the site or write an article tomorrow.  Let me give the excuse in advance.  My man Nolan's movie Inception is releasing tomorrow and I've got tickets for the night show.  So, I'll post all about it later in the weekend..  Can't wait for the movie...  Yippeeee!

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