Monday, July 12, 2010

The World Cup is Over! Yippeee!

Yep, the World Cup Finals is over and the Chinese have yet again proven that they are the best in the world.  Oh wait!  I hear someone shouting 'China didn't play in the Finals, you idiot!'.  Well, they did win the World Cup that I care about.  I'm a DotA player and to me, ESWC is the World Cup and China did win it hands down.  If you are asking 'Whats DotA?', then you better skip this post.  If you are asking what's ESWC, then this post was a dedication to you.

Let me make it clear, I have nothing against FIFA.  Its a sport that millions love and I'm fine with that.  But lets not forget that we spend around 2 hours a day playing DotA.  Why then aren't we following the DotA World Cup with the same enthusiasm?  Football is a game that we have rarely played.  But DotA is something that we play on a daily basis.  Why then isn't this interesting to us?  Of course there is no Shakira dancing for the theme song of ESWC, but come on..

I think this is why Computer Games are still a childish thing in India.  If the players who play it don't believe in it, then who will?  We see DotA as time-pass, not as eSport.  When was the last time you saw your own replay?  We complain time and again that there is no tournament but how would there be a tournament when there is no competitive spirit?  Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in a battlefield surrounded by kids instead of soldiers.

Why am I so melodramatic all of a sudden?  Well, its pretty simple actually.  Every time there is a conversation in my office or cafe about some football match, I have to pretend to be interested so that I don't seem out-of-place.  But when I enthusiastically go out looking for someone to speak with about ESWC, there is no one and that really upsets me!  I might get flamed for this, but I'm glad that the FIFA World Cup is over.  But I wonder how long it will take for the buzz to die down.  Coz every time someone mentions the word FIFA, the only thought that comes to my mind is 'Why isn't DotA good enough for you?'!!

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