Thursday, November 5, 2009

Come Back!

After spending a couple of days doing pretty much nothing, I'm back to my old self again. I'm still not convinced about getting back into DotA, but I just played one match at Zion. Besides that, I did finish coding my website's DotA replay database feature. No database of this sort has ever been created just for Indian gamers. Completing the coding after struggling for some time gave me a sense of accomplishment which I really enjoyed. This may probably be the only reason I even bother to work on my website.. :P

I'm a guy who loves riding my bike. I would go anywhere in any traffic just for the satisfaction of riding my bike, though its just a CT100.. :D Thanks to this craze, I don't walk much. Even if I have to just go to the next street, I take my bike. It was raining today and the weather was so pleasant. There was a slight drizzle, enough to make you wet but not enough to make you change your clothes. The weather compelled me to take a walk and so, I did. The last time I took a walk was months ago in Hyderabad. Before that, I don't even remember whether I have went for a walk in Chennai. For the first time, I did..

I saw Changeling, the movie directed by Clint Eastwood. It was a movie worth watching but didn't really impress me. But one character in particular caught my attention. If you have seen the movie, the following post might make more sense. Of course, the movie was all about Christine Collins, the mother who lost her son and went through a lot to search for him. But the movie was also about corruption and politics in the justice department. There is a character in this movie called Detective Lester Ybarra. He isn't given much importance in the movie. But weirdly, he caught my attention the most.

Personally, I don't much trust today's police department. The one depicted in this movie is probably as bad as it can get. Detective Lester works in this corrupt department, but manages to do his job. Usually, an individual either fights against the evil around him or gives into it and becomes a part of it. But he did neither. He worked in a corrupt organization but did what he could. He didn't rise up against his seniors' crime, but he didn't sit back and relax or go home and moan. Come what may, he held his breath and did his job. It was Christine who suffered and Gustav who fought. But to me, Lester was the real role-model. In today's corrupt world, the best you could is probably just keep your mouth shut and do what you are supposed to do.

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