Monday, November 30, 2009

Peaking into the DarkSide!

After three days of misery, I finally found some relief today. I'm not entirely sure why though. Today, our local rival team Atl showed up at our cafe for some weekend fun. But they needed one player and so I offered to play for them since my clan had 6 players ready and available. This was a so-called serious practise match for my clan while it was just a weekend out together for Atl, which is exactly the attitude I was looking for.

So, we played a total of four games out of which both teams won two games each. We sincerely learned a lot from each other since the games were very competitive. I for one, enjoyed the whole experience immensely because I was having fun. In my team, I used to play seriously and expected everyone else to do so too. But though they seemed serious in their own way, according to me, they were anything but serious. That is why I was extremely upset for the past three days.

Anyways, thanks to team Atl, I'm charged up again. The other reason why I felt relieved today was that, DotA's mask has been torn off. Players claimed that it was about strategy, stuns, ganks, combos etc. But the result of SMM tournament today proved that the current version of DotA is all about farming. This was further proved in our matches. I have now joined the DarkSide, so to speak. Its all about farming. LoL could become a true spell-caster's game but not the current DotA. I'm not entirely happy though, coz I'm yet to find a truce with my team. But I enjoyed being their opponent.. xD

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