Friday, November 20, 2009

Its never that Easy!

Haha! My last post did sound too good to be true and it was. They backed.. It doesn't really surprise me. But what does surprise me is that, we are still trying. When I say we, that includes me. Weirdly, instead of being upset, I'm still trying to get things finalized. The plan now is to attend the BYOC at Hyderabad one week later. That means, I have to cancel my Bangalore trip because I don't wanna travel twice in two weeks. I'm not that dedicated, lol! I would rather sit at home all alone and work on my website. Being alone is so much easier. No expectations, betrayals or upsets..

These series of incidents in the past two or three days showed me how we all have a unique way of looking at the same thing. I mean, for example, you see a guy on the road shouting at someone and you think, what a jerk he is. The guy next to you sees the same thing but wonders what the other guy did to piss off this guy. Both views are probably correct in some way, but what makes the difference is that, the two people will eventually take the opposite sides in this argument.

It doesn't even have to be opposite. Someone else might think, what idiots, fighting in the street and disturbing the peace for others. It really intrigues me when I wonder how someone else perceives in a different way, the same situation that I'm witnessing. When I saw this trip to Bangalore as the last outing in the life of a 4 year old team, someone else sees it as an opportunity to win an event and someone else is worried about losing. When the views are so different, it just means that we have grown apart..

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