Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Last Trip!

I was coding in PHP yesterday but I couldn't complete the work because of some error which I couldn't solve. I started again today with a fresh mind and just retraced my steps and I figured it out. I missed a pair of single quotes.. zz... I seriously need more practise in coding so that I stop missing braces and quotes. Didn't do much coding after that though because today turned out to be rather interesting.

I was trying to decide whether to attend the BYOC at Bangalore this weekend. I didn't have any company for the trip and that was the major reason why I was hesitant about this trip. There were further developments in the situation but nothing conclusive. Suddenly, I received a call from Bharath saying that they were coming to Bangalore. That was a shocker!

So, I finally have some company and after a long time, we are actually gonna go out as a team. An opportunity live the good old days one more time. I'm thoroughly excited about this one. I strongly believe that the best part of being a gamer and having a team is getting to travel places to attend tournaments. I don't think Vijay and Raja are coming, so, it ain't exactly our team, but still, we are going out with friends and we are gonna play as a team. Sounds fair enough. Looking forward to a memorable weekend!


  1. Good luck man.. have fun and kick some a&&.

  2. Haha! Too late buddy.. Check out my latest post.. It was too good to be true..


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