Sunday, November 1, 2009

Screw Up!

We have all had bad days.. We have all done something stupid once in a while. But today, I really do feel miserable. I guess, yesterday's post was a pretext for what was gonna happen. What happened was that, I agreed to take care of the Chennai leg of a tournament that someone else was conducting. The concept behind the tournament wasn't that great from the gamers' perspective because they stand to gain nothing quantifiable and they have to travel, pay a registration and take effort to participate in the event.

Then again, two teams did register online and a few more were in talks with me. Thus, I concluded that we would probably have four teams or at least a minimum of two teams and thus, I can organize this event and I went ahead even postponing it today based on the teams' request. Well, surprise, surprise! The teams didn't care whether they were the best or not, they didn't want an opportunity to beat their rivals and they just didn't bother. So, the obvious conclusion was that, why waste money to attend this event? They backed. Now, I had to inform the event's owner and the cafe's owner that the teams rather want to play a friendly clan match and thus they are heading to a different cafe to have fun.

Most of that might not have made much sense, but don't worry. I'm not writing this for someone else to read. I'm just looking for a way to stop feeling miserable. Remember? From yesterday, my blog officially turned into my personal diary. So, my next plan of action is, to get addicted. No, if it was physical addiction, I wouldn't be rationalizing about it in my blog. When I'm upset, I usually go on a movie marathon or something to cheer myself up. This time, its going to be House M.D.

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