Monday, November 2, 2009


After spending two days doing pretty much nothing, I'm about to successfully enter the third day. Life is not as good as it can be, but it still is moving pretty fast. Almost 15 hours or more spent in front of the comp, per day. I don't know whom I'm trying to punish or what I'm trying to prove, but weirdly enough, I'm satisfied.. Well, that's enough self-loathing for one post.

Our topic for the day is going to be House M.D. Its an American television series about a self-obsessed doctor who also happens be a genius and a jerk. There are lots of characters that I sympathize with or inspire me or feel disgusted by, but nothing can describe how I feel about Hugh Laurie's character Gregory House. Let me put it in perspective by including some famous characters. What if a guy lived among us who was as lunatic as Joker and as determined as Batman but with a medical degree? What would that combination give us?

It would give us a mastermind who doesn't care about anything or anyone's feelings but would sacrifice everything including his life to get what he wanted. But what does he want then? He just wants answers to puzzles that other can't solve. Thus, there is no fight between the good and the evil, there is villain who wants to rape the heroin and no hero who needs to save the heroin for himself. There is but one guy who is both the good and the bad guy by himself. He drives anyone and everyone around him, mad..

Then, it really gets interesting once another character is added into the story who is the only person that can bare this guy on a daily basis. Thus, a genius who has only one friend not because he is busy at work but because he is miserable in life. Regardless of all these, the reason why I like this character the most is that, he will speak his mind in your face. For instance, every time I see someone talk on the phone in the middle of a movie in a theatre, I get extremely upset and distracted. But I don't say anything because I prefer to be polite. But House would just shove it in their face. He is everything we can't be in our life. He is annoying, brilliant, careless, witty, straight-forward, rational and sad.

The series was originally created to resemble Sherlock and Watson solving mysteries, though our Sherlock is annoying and the mysteries are medical. But House is about much more than solving puzzles. He is character whom you wouldn't know what to do if you meet him in-person: kick him in the groin or get an autograph. I would suggest, both..

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