Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Kinda Perfection!

I was still upset today because of yesterday's debacle. The day got worse as I was having problems with my internet connection. I tried to spend the day in front of the television but that didn't work out so well after some time. So, I finally decided to go to Zion in the evening. A combination of racing and music was enough to get my spirits up, at least temporarily. They were provided by the games Grid and Guitar Hero III respectively.

Then, I had a good practise session with Raja in Need For Speed Most Wanted. We went through the videos of some quality racers and tried to learn the lines taken by them at every corner. Watching replays, playing one on one, oh yea! the day was looking pretty good. But still, I wasn't completely satisfied, somehow.

The final finishing touch came at night when Bharath showed up and we played a DotA clan match. We got so thrashed that I enjoyed every single second of it. Maybe I'm just plain weird, but I just love getting beaten at practise games. A defeat can teach you more than any number of victories might. I had this sadistic satisfaction when I returned home. Waa! Wasn't this a perfect day!! :D

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