Monday, November 23, 2009

Yet Another!

Yet another day, yet another plan, yet another failure! When I went to sleep last night, I was planning the line-ups and trying to imagine the fun we planned to have the very next morning. We had planned on meeting up at Zion (10 of us) at 11 in the morning to play (practise) DotA. It was a simple plan, nothing complicated, nothing that would hurt your conscience.. But no..

At 11.30, 5 people showed up (including me). Out of the five, one guy braved his fear of the impending exam to come play with us; another guy had to struggle at home to come to Zion and finally, I didn't get much sleep but still managed to get there. Sadly though, the other 5 didn't feel that it was necessary to show up as planned. They had their own reasons. Everybody has their reasons. Not all reasons are excuses. But all who showed up were made idiots.

I can just see it now. On the day that we are supposed to leave for Hyderabad, one guy is gonna ask "Didn't you get the SMS I sent last night? I can't come today.." and another guy is gonna say "My stomach isn't so good, I can't come" Raining on my parade is something that my teammates love to do, I guess! None-the-less, we shall brave on.. Damn! I hate hyped up expectations & eventual failure. I get so sarcastic in such situations..

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